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The journey to create the home for our whisky has been a special one.  Our stills received an emotional welcome from the whole community when they arrived in town, and are now in place as the beating heart of our distillery.

Our hero spirit - Ad Gefrin Single Malt - is made from the finest local barley nurtured by our farmers, distilled on site, to be shared with our community across the globe. Join our Mailing List for updates.

Hear the story of our whisky by booking tickets for our distillery tour and tasting, or sample our spirits for yourself from our online shop including our new Tácnbora Batch 02.


Our very first whisky blend released for sale on 1st November 2022.

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We believe that ‘Tácnbora’ – meaning Standard Bearer in Old English - is a fitting name for the spirit that comes before all the others. It also reflects the writings of Bede which recorded that in the 7th century King Edwin was always preceded by a standard bearer carrying a staff topped with a goat’s head – the shape of which has become our logo.

The blend itself is also a thoughtful mix of Scottish and Irish whiskies – reflecting the peoples that would have made up the Anglo-Saxon Northumbrians.


Whisky Cream Liqueur made with Tácnbora

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From the Old English verb Flýtan, a ritual poetic exchange of boasts.  In Anglo-Saxon England this would be in the feasting hall, where the winner, and guests, would drink to their victory.

Flýte marries our Standard-Bearer Tácnbora Blended Whisky with rich double cream.

Fit for any feasting table, it abounds with scents of vanilla and notes of cacao, toffee, and salted caramel.

Made for sharing and enjoying together.

Tácnbora Islay Finish

Ex Islay Cask Aged Limited Edition
Tácnbora Whisky

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SOLD OUT - Join our Mailing List for updates on future limited editions, and later this year our next batch of the peated Tácnbora.

A very small batch of Ad Gefrin Tacnbora blend that has been finished in ex-Islay whisky casks. This run is limited to approx 1600 bottles.

Aged in Islay casks for 6 months giving a subtle peated flavour.

Released close to cask strength providing more depth in flavour.

Tácnbora is a light and subtle whisky, a blend of Scottish and Irish malt and grain whiskies that have been aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, virgin American oak and oloroso casks.