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Thirlings was a small settlement only a stone’s throw away from Yeavering and the 7th Century royal palace found there. The thegns of Thirlings were the lords that presided over the land, producing the bounty to serve the royal banquets for Anglo-Saxon kings and queens during the Northumbrian Golden Age. We believe that our Thirlings Gin will continue to convey our age-old Northumbrian hospitality and give a taste of something special for the summer months – and beyond.

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A classic spirit crafted and bottled in the heart of Northumberland.

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Far from just being a vessel for the spirit, the bottle tells its own authentic story. The stepped punt reflects the 7th Century wooden Grandstand discovered on the ancient site and the holes/dimples in the glass represent the post holes which identified where the royal complex of buildings were and enabled archaeologists to calculate their size and height.

Our Northumberland gin itself is crafted with meticulous care using timeless flavours inspired by Northumberland, heather and pine from the Cheviot hills, elderberry and dill from the hedgerows, and Irish moss and sea buckthorn from the coast. In Thirlings, the bottle, name and spirit all come together as one, seamlessly evoking a Northumbrian heart and Anglo-Saxon soul.