At every step we will celebrate the very best of Northumberland. Ours is a rich heritage, and we will offer the chance for an intimate journey into the time that inspired us - the Anglo Saxon Royal Court of Ad Gefrin - when peoples from all corners of the world travelled to attend and be welcomed in. We will welcome you with that same spirit and hospitality - to enjoy our exhibitions and events, our tours, our bistro, bar, and retail offers.

Our Great Hall

Our immersive AV museum interpretation will invite you into the heart of the Golden Age of the Kingdom of Northumbria – the royal palace of Ad Gefrin - a place of power, ritual, craftsmanship, language and one shaped by nature.

We will recreate the Great Halls of the kings and queens of Northumbria and introduce you to them and their followers. It will be their lives and their stories that bring this rich, and largely untold, period of our history to life.

We will illuminate their presence with artefacts borrowed from national institutions and the finds from the original ‘Gefrin’ archaeological site at Yeavering, just 4 miles away.

We will link to the landscape, archaeology, and stories of the area, then and now, and whet your appetite to further explore the history under your feet in Glendale and North Northumberland.



We are working full steam ahead on the development and are planning to be open to the public by Autumn 2022. 
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It takes 3 years and a day to officially make a single malt whisky, but that’s just the beginning.  As Ben, our Head Distiller, is fond of saying, we will only release it when it is ready! So the answer is sometime from 2025 onwards.
We will be recruiting from Spring of 2022 onwards.  We will create a dedicated area in Our People section, and publicise the opportunities on Social Media.
Ad Gefrin means ‘by the hill of goats’ and comes from the location of the Anglo Saxon royal palace at Yeavering four miles away that inspires us. 
During the excavations of the scheduled archaeological site at Yeavering in the 1950's & 1960's the remains of a staff head was found. Brian Hope-Taylor interpreted this to be from King Edwin’s processional staff. Our logo is inspired by our name and this staff.

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