Fran Jones Named in Harpers Wine & Spirits 30 Under 30:

Fran Jones Named in Harpers Wine & Spirits 30 Under 30:

4th June 2024

Announced at the London Wine Fair, Fran Jones, 28, further established herself as a formidable force in the traditionally male-dominated drinks industry. Her innovative approach and unwavering determination have made her a standout nominee. 

With a background in biomedical science from Newcastle University and experience from Three Wren Gin Distillery, Fran has excelled at Ad Gefrin, achieving significant milestones and enriching the distillery’s operations. Fran expressed her joy, stating, “I am over the moon to have been recognised by Harpers Wine & Spirit. I’m grateful for the support of my colleagues at Ad Gefrin and looking forward to a bright future here as I continue to develop and grow as a distiller.”

Ad Gefrin

Ad Gefrin's achievements at the IWSC 2024 and Fran Jones' recognition underscore their commitment to crafting spirits that celebrate their rich heritage and the vibrant present, positing them as a distinguished player in the global spirits industry.

Ben Murphy, Director of Distilling at Ad Gefrin, commented on the string of awards: “Three medals for our first three releases is a great honour and a great starting point, it shows that what we are doing is being well received and gives a great platform to now push on from with future blends and ultimately with our single malt. We are inspired by our past, and respectful of traditional methods, but committed to innovation and creating contemporary spirits that bring people together to share. I couldn’t be more proud that Fran has embraced our passion and I am sure she will go on from strength to strength supporting myself and the Ad Gefrin team in creating outstanding spirits synonymous with timeless hospitality.”

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