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Illuminating the extraordinary characters that shaped not just Northumbria but the future of England.

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Our experience celebrates the rich heritage of Northumberland, from our collection to our great hall, we encourage you to explore and learn about the story of Queens and Kings and the hospitality of the Anglo Saxon Royal Court of Ad Gefrin

Book your tickets online and enjoy a warm Northumberland welcome when you visit us here at Ad Gefrin.

Pioneering archaeology by Brian Hope-Taylor, and now by our partners at The Gefrin Trust, have brought to light objects and stories of the ancient royal palace. Through showcasing the artefacts uncovered at Yeavering alongside some from across the North East and from further afield you can explore some of the colour and vibrancy of the Anglo-Saxon period

In partnership with museums and collections from across the country select loans of archaeological objects have been gathered together to tell our Northumbrian story. Highlights include the Castle Eden Claw Beaker, a treasure of the British Museum’s early medieval collections, which has returned to the North East for the first time in over 30 years. Other key objects including a Great Square Headed Brooch and Shield Boss have been loaned from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Both partnerships allow us to display collections that truly demonstrate the ‘golden age’ of Anglo Saxon Northumbria.

Landscape, archaeology, and stories of the area, then and now, are linked together to whet encourage you to further explore the history under your feet in Glendale and North Northumberland.