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The place where alchemy happens

Distillery Tour

The journey to create the home for our whisky has been a special one.  Our stills received an emotional welcome from the whole community when they arrived in town, and are now in place as the beating heart of our distillery.

An international team of distillers, brought together from all corners of the globe, bringing their passion for whisky and gin to the process from beginning to end – from the arrival of our own malted barley grown locally by our farmers to the sealing of our whisky casks and bottling.

Our Distillery Tour & Tasting is a 90 minute multi-sensory experience. Enjoy a guided tour of all production areas – from the arrival of our malt, through mashing, fermentation, and distillation to filling casks for maturing, we encourage you to enjoy the full journey of our spirit making. The Tour includes a special viewing of the cask store, before being immersed in the landscape that inspires our flavour profiles, and sharing a taste of our Northumbrian spirits.

Discover more about the story of our spirits by booking your place on our distillery tour and tasting, sharing in and experiencing the famous hospitality of Northumberland. Enjoy a taste of traditions from the past, carefully crafted and bottled up in our spirits, from the comfort of your own home by discovering more about our spirits story in the chapters of our archive, as well as shopping with us online.

Our wooden Washbacks are made of Douglas-Fir (instead of steel) and our two great copper stills were manufactured and hand-beaten by Forsyths of Rothes, Moray, the world’s leading manufacturer of distillation equipment. Each weighing three tonnes, they took over 1,200 man-hours to build.