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Coren - Chosen  |  Kin - Family

A typically contemporary twist on an ancient theme.

By joining our community - our chosen family - you become a fundamental part of who we are.  Share in our pride in creating strong foundations for something that will sustain for generations to come.

The local community has embraced the concept of Ad Gefrin and continues to give their whole-hearted support.Together we can help fulfill their legacy.
The programme runs for an eight year period but your special status as Corenkyn will last your lifetime.

Corenkyn benefits include:

  • The ownership of an inaugural collection of our exclusive Corenkyn Blend
  • Being the first to enjoy our Single Malt Whisky
  • Early bird access to any of our spirit launches
  • Exclusive access to cask purchases
  • Bespoke gifts
  • Enjoy discounts across our retail and hospitality offers
  • Be our special guest at a calendar of events
  • Lifelong access to our Experience and Tours
  • Your name recognised within the fabric of our building in perpetuity.