Our region is rightly famous for its strong sense of community and we want to create a place where everyone from Wooler, Northumberland, and beyond, can come together and feel truly connected.

We are focused on becoming a place where local heritage, culture, food, arts, and crafts will be celebrated and promoted. And in bringing together all that is best from within our creative community, we hope to forge even stronger bonds with those we aim to benefit for many generations to come.

Our hospitality will be genuine and our welcome sincere. Our Exhibition will link us by a golden thread to a time when kings were judged by their generosity and hospitality not their riches. Ad Gefrin will make the first Northumbrian English Malt Whisky. Our ‘hero’ spirit, as with all our spirits, will perfectly balance drinkability with distinctiveness because our spirits are made for sharing.

We will embrace all who want to enjoy what Ad Gefrin can offer. Everything we do, everything we create, is born to bring people together.

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