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We are committed to creating opportunities for people to shine at Ad Gefrin. We have all sorts of roles available, both full time and part time, and always welcome a direct approach. So whatever your age if you have a passion for heritage, or distilling, or food or selling or maintenance and want to share your passion with others, get in touch. Contact us at work@adgefrin.co.uk

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Thinking of joining our team?

Our people are so important to us. In joining Ad Gefrin, you join our family. We want people to thrive in working with us. We want you to bring your individual personality, skills and knowledge and be prepared to share them, in the same way we will share with you. Together we can achieve great things.

Our collective hard work will create an extraordinary legacy for Wooler and North Northumberland, and if you become part of our family, of that you can be very proud.