Communities | Ad Gefrin


An ancient Northumbrian tradition.

Bringing people together is an ancient Northumbrian tradition.  From the timber Great Halls of the Anglo-Saxon Kings and Queens to the village halls in and around Wooler, and to Northumbrians the world over sharing moments of connection, Gatherings (Old English gaderunga) are part of who we are.

In the 21st Century gatherings are as vital now in sharing stories and saying something about ourselves as they were in the 7th Century.

Whether it is the gatherings of our Corenkyn, our annual harvest gathering, the gathering for St Cuthbert’s Day, hiring our buildings for a gathering of your own, a gathering by the fire in the bistro, or sharing a sip of our spirits in a gathering at home, they define us. Each gathering says something about our collective spirit of belonging.

The shared experience - shared belonging- of gathering together creates common bonds, creates communities. No matter where or how we gather, the communities of Ad Gefrin define who we are.