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What to Expect From a Distillery Tour & Tasting

21st June 2024

If you’re a keen spirits drinker visiting Northumberland, Ad Gefrin has the ultimate activity for you. Our Distillery Tour and Tasting takes you behind the scenes to discover the alchemy at work within every drop of our whisky and gin.

Whether you’ve booked your tour ticket and want to be prepared or you’re simply intrigued by the prospect, here’s what to expect from an Ad Gefrin distillery tour. 


What happens on a distillery tour?

What will you experience during a distillery tour? Throughout the 90-minute session at Ad Gefrin, you’ll be able to see how we take locally grown grains and transform them into smooth, sippable spirits. 

The journey starts with the arrival of our malt — and we’re lucky enough to work with a cooperative of  local farmers. Using the same elements as those at the Anglo Saxon Royal Court of Ad Gefrin to sustain us. We’ll talk you through the importance of using locally sourced ingredients and how it can affect the end result.

One of our expert guides will show you where we store the malt, and then take you through the whisky mashing and fermentation process. You’ll see where we distil our whisky and gin then head to our cask room, where we let our spirits mature. Our single malt won’t be ready for at least another year and a half, so join our mailing list for updates.

As we wander through the distillery, you’ll see the incredible machinery at work — from the mash tun, where we mix our ground, dried malt with hot water to create a sweet liquid, to the huge washbacks where we add yeast to start the fermentation process. We blend traditional distillation methods with cutting-edge technology to create unique, authentic spirits that reflect our incredible Northumbrian heritage. 

Our distillers have years of experience and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the tour. 


Do you get to drink the spirits?

The best gin and whisky distillery tours offer a multi-sensory experience — and that, of course, includes tasting. Trying our spirits is a key part of our distillery tour. With the landscape, the history, and the process fresh in your mind, where better to enjoy a dram of Tacnbora or a tot of Thirling’s Gin?

This part of the tour offers the chance to appreciate the aromas, flavours, and warmth of our whisky and gin. Our Alchemists offer advice on gin and whisky tasting to help you get the most out of each sip. 


Who can attend a distillery tour?

Although our distillery tour showcases how we create our alcoholic drinks, it’s suitable for children aged 8 and up (as well as babes in arms). When we get to the tasting part of the tour, non-alcoholic drinks will be available for young participants. We do ask, however, that anyone under 17 is accompanied by an adult. 

Due to the nature of the tour, which involves grille flooring, we recommend wearing suitable, flat shoes. The distillery is wheelchair accessible, however, as it is an ATEX-rated zone, some electric and mechanised chairs may not be suitable for the tour. We have some manual wheelchairs available for you to borrow instead. These are in limited supply, so it’s best to book ahead if possible or bring your own. The ATEX-rated grill flooring is not suitable for service and assistance dogs. Should you require assistance whilst on the tour a member of our team will be happy to help you, please contact the Ad Gefrin team prior to your visit, so that we can arrange to provide support for you throughout your visit. 


Experience the magic of Ad Gefrin

A distillery tour is a wonderful way to bring the history and culture of Northumberland whisky to life. Before joining our team on the tour, we suggest exploring our Anglo-Saxon Museum in the Great Hall — entry is included with your tour ticket. Here, you’ll find an immersive display, showcasing the wonder of ‘the Golden Age’ of Northumberland. 

A trip around the Great Hall is the perfect way to start your distillery tour. After your tour and tasting, why not refuel in our Bar and Bistro, then pick up a keepsake from our Gift Shop for a full day of fun for all the family? 

You can visit our distillery time and time again, discovering more about the work our distillery team undertake, as well as sampling our newest spirit offerings, by becoming a member of Ad Gefrin. For an additional £15 on top of your tour and tasting ticket price you can get an annual Corengyst membership, meaning you can visit us for free at any time, including our museum and great hall experience. 

Plan your visit and book your tickets online to discover the magic behind our English whisky and gin with the Ad Gefrin Distillery Tour and Tasting. 

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