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Discover England’s Most Northern Whisky Distillery

11th May 2024

If you’re visiting Northumberland and you’re a fan of the best English whiskies on the market, visiting us at Ad Gefrin — an iconic English distillery — would be a great idea to add to your itinerary. 

As the premier whisky distillery in Northumberland and a venue of rich cultural heritage and hospitality, we welcome spirit lovers from near and far. Our goal is to embody the Golden Age of Northumbria — to bring people together,  share moments of connection, and give our visitors a taste of the region’s history.

So, why not come and see the beating heart of Ad Gefrin yourself? Our distillery in Wooler is where our locally sourced materials become the spirits you remember — shaped for the moments that matter most.

The origin of Ad Gefrin

Ad Gefrin stands as a testament to the Golden Age of Northumberland — a time when Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were defined by people and generosity, rather than geography and wealth. Our Wooler distillery is based in an area rich in history, culture, and beauty — an echo of the era’s peace, prosperity, and cultural flourishing.

It is this very landscape that provides us with the finest malting barley and the purest Cheviot water to create our Single Malt Whisky and our Thirlings Dry Gin. With these age-old traditions and values of the Golden Age steeped into our craftsmanship and distillery processes, Ad Gefrin is definitely not a visit to be missed.

The distillery and distillery team

We’ve already mentioned that our distillery is the beating heart of Ad Gefrin. It’s the powerhouse where we combine heritage and tradition with the latest technology to create one-of-a-kind spirits. We like to call it “the place where alchemy happens”.

The distillery team

Within the walls of Ad Gefrin, you will find our hardworking team of international distillers from all corners of the globe. The one thing they have in common? An undeniable passion for whiskies, gins and their creation process. This passion stems from the arrival of our very own locally-grown malted barley to the finishing touches of sealing our whisky casks and bottles.

The distillery tour and tasting experience

A multi-sensory experience like no other. Once you’ve booked a place on our English whisky tour, you’ll be guided around our production areas. 

See how our malt arrives, take a close look at our mashing and fermentation process, and let us guide you through the whole distillation process. Watch as you see the casks fill up before your eyes, primed for maturing. The tour of our whisky distillery in Northumberland offers an immersive experience — one which we encourage you to grasp with all of your senses

You’ll also receive a special viewing of the cask store before venturing into the lush landscape that inspires our unique flavour profiles. Join us on the tour and immerse yourself in exploring English whisky, from grain to glass. It’s the only way to get an authentic taste of Northumbrian spirits.

For the whisky connoisseurs amongst you, you’ll also receive an informative explainer of our distillation equipment. Our wooden Washbacks are made of Douglas-Fir rather than still, and our two monolith copper stills (essentially a giant copper kettle!) were manufactured and hand-beaten by Forsyths of Rothers — the world’s leading manufacturer of distillation equipment.

To give you a preview of just how mesmerising our stills are, each one weighs three tonnes and they took over 1,200 hours to build.

The two P’s: Provenance and process

When it comes to our distillery and distillation process, the two P’s embody our approach to creating the finest English whisky.  Located in the very heart of Northumberland, our distillery draws on the region’s rich natural resources for spirits that are as unique as the land around us.


From the land, of the land. Provenance encourages us to use what the earth beneath our feet has to offer us, and we believe this helps us create a truly distinctive spirit.

As a whisky distillery in Wooler, we are lucky enough to have access to the purest Cheviot water, brought up from a borehole beneath our feet. Similarly, we have some of the finest malting barley grown by our local farmers only a glance away. To add to all this, Simpson’s Malt — the renowned fifth-generation malt company — is only thirty minutes away by road. Could we be more lucky? It’s all a distiller could wish for.


Our current crops of ‘Diablo’ barley form the foundation of the first Northumbrian English Single Malt Whisky. For our distillery process, these crops could not be in safer hands than with our co-operative farmers.

  • Stephen and Cameron Shell of Brandon near Powburn
  • Tom Jackson of Northfield Farm, Lowick
  • George Farr of Pallinsburn
  • David Warcup of Lethan Hill Farm, Etal

The star of the show: Our English Single Malt Whisky

Those of you who have visited and followed updates from Ad Gefrin will be well aware of Tácnbora — our first and best English whisky blend. Meaning ‘Standard Bearer’ in Old English, it’s a fitting name for the spirit that comes before the others.

Each edition of Tácnbora blends whiskies representing people from Scotland, Ireland, England, and Scandinavia — a reiteration of our Golden Age values. On the nose, tasting notes include honey, candied citrus peel, vanilla, and tart cherries. For the palette, a grounding aroma of vanilla, cream soda, sultanas, and nutmeg. Finally, to finish, revel in the lingerings of sweet citrus, vanilla, and honey.

With the success of our Tácnbora in mind, we’re more than proud to announce that our latest project is underway. And that is our hero spirit — the Ad Gefrin Single Malt.

The Ad Gefrin Single Malt

This bespoke whisky is currently under production and will be ready for its expected release in 2027. Distilled on-site, it’s made from the finest local barley nurtured by our farmers.

To be the first to get a taste of our latest concoction, you can join our mailing list for updates or become a member of Ad Gefrin’s community, providing exclusive access to new products and distillery events.

Immerse yourself in the Ad Gefrin story

Plan your trip to Northumberland with a visit to our English spirit and whisky distillery. Book your place today, and see what the wonders of Ad Gefrin have to offer you.

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