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Christmas Gifts - What To Get Your Loved Ones

19th October 2023

As the Christmas season approaches, we find ourselves drawn to the enchanting allure of this festive time of year. The season is for celebrating with loved ones, spending cherished moments with family and embracing timeless traditions. 

The word Christmas, or Cristesmæsse in Anglo Saxon, was first recorded in 1038, celebrated on the 25th December as part of the Anglo Saxon celebration of Yule. Recognised as part of the winter solstice, Yule was a time where Anglo Saxon communities, including the Royal Court of Gefrin, would come together to burn fires, light candles and feast together to celebrate. Traditions which are echoed within the modern celebrations of Christmas within different communities today. 

Explore Ad Gefrin’s Christmas gift guide, to help you find the perfect present for those nearest and dearest to you. Share your love and appreciation for your friends and family with a gift that is a nod to centuries of tradition, a celebration of craftsmanship and a token of the warmth and hospitality of Northumberland. 

A Taste of Timelessness

This Christmas, give the gift of Ad Gefrin's Tácnbora whisky blend, an exquisite creation that encapsulates the essence of ancient celebrations. Tácnbora is more than just a whisky; it's a meticulously crafted blend of Scottish and Irish whisky, reflecting the diverse cultures that shaped the Anglo-Saxon Northumbrians. Share the heritage and warm hospitality of Northumberland’s Golden Age with your loved ones, with a bottle of our Tácnbora whisky blend. Family and friends can enjoy the taste of our whisky blend neat or mixed as a celebratory whisky cocktail

Northumberland in a Bottle

This Christmas, elevate your gift-giving tradition by sharing the tastes of Northumberland with Ad Gefrin’s Thirlings Dry Gin. A bottle of our gin encompasses the rich botanical tastes of the region, with heather and pine from the Cheviot hills, elderberry and dill from the hedgerows, and Irish moss and sea buckthorn from the coast. Thirlings Dry Gin is the perfect tipple to enjoy by the fireside making Christmas memories, whether it’s gifted to a spirits enthusiast or a gin beginner

The Joy of Choice

The Anglo Celebration of Yule was a time for community, where gifts were tokens of luck and shared joy. Embrace this spirit with an Ad Gefrin gift voucher. By doing so, you’re not merely offering a piece of paper; you're gifting the excitement of choice. Let your loved ones explore the realm of Ad Gefrin themselves, choosing a treasure that resonates with them. It's a present that invites them into the delightful journey of discovery, whether it is used to visit and enjoy the experience of our distillery, great hall and museum, sample delicious local produce in our bar and bistro, or choose a gift for themselves in our shop

The Gift of A Warm Welcome 

Being a member of the ancient Anglo-Saxon Royal Court of Gefrin signified belonging and camaraderie. Ad Gefrin memberships echo this sentiment, offering an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Ad Gefrin family. By gifting a membership this Christmas, you’re extending an invitation to your loved ones - an opportunity to be part of Ad Gefrin’s special story and enjoy being our guest, warmly welcomed here time after time on each and every visit

This Christmas, choose a gift from Ad Gefrin, a way to share and enjoy the heritage and traditions of ancient communities within present day celebrations. Within every gift from Ad Gefrin, there's a touch of history, a taste of tradition and a sharing of happiness. Shop our special spirits, gift vouchers and choice of memberships online, or why not visit us and combine your Christmas shopping with a visit to our bistro for some festive food and Christmas drinks

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