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A Guide To Whisky From Around The World

11th May 2023

Whisky, a timeless creation that transcends boundaries, reveals an array of flavours and celebrates the craftsmanship that shapes it. 

Created from grains and distilled with care, whisky has developed into a versatile spirit, with each variation capturing the essence of the country or region it comes from. 

Explore whiskies of the world, delving into the distinctive varieties of this liquid treasure, from famous Scottish, Irish, and American whiskies, to the unique and new flavours of English whisky and those from the Far East.

Scottish Whisky

Scotland's whisky legacy is etched in traditions passed down through generations. 

Within this realm, two distinct types of whisky emerge: Single Malt Scotch and Blended Scotch, each holding a unique place in the nation's heritage.

Single Malt Scotch

Crafted within a single distillery, Single Malt Scotch reflects the regional landscapes it springs from. Distilled in pot stills, it captures the essence of its origin. From the peat-laden flavour of Islay to Speyside's floral notes, each sip unveils a vivid taste of where it was created.

Blended Scotch

Blended Scotch stands as a testament to the artistry of blending. Expert blenders weave together malt and grain whiskies from different distilleries, creating a seamless mixture of flavours. This process ensures both consistency and a wider spectrum of tastes, making it an accessible choice for diverse palates.

Irish Whiskey

Across the Irish Sea, a unique whiskey story emerges, characterised by triple distillation and exceptional smoothness. Irish whiskey captures a graceful sophistication that's clear in these timeless styles.

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Echoing Scotch whisky, Ireland crafts single malt whiskies with a lighter touch, allowing for more delicate notes when tasted. 

Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Rooted in Irish history, this style blends malted and unmalted barley, creating a textured mix of flavours. 

Blended Irish Whiskey

A balanced fusion of different whiskey types, blended Irish whiskey offers an accessible whiskey, especially for whiskey beginners, that's perfect for cocktails or drinking neat. 

American Whiskey

Across the Atlantic, America's whiskey legacy thrives. From corn to rye, American whiskey stands as a symbol of pioneering spirit, with a landscape shaped by distinctive styles. 


Born in the South, bourbon embodies American tradition. A sweet mix of corn and charred oak, it captures the essence of its birthplace.

Rye Whiskey 

Offering a bolder, spicier profile, rye whiskey showcases the diversity of American whiskey-making. With a minimum rye content of 51%, it's a nod to history and innovation.

Tennessee Whiskey

Distinguished by the Lincoln County Process, Tennessee whiskey gains a mellower character through charcoal filtering, an identity rooted in the Smoky Mountains along the Tennessee and North Carolina border.

Far East Whisky

The Far East, renowned for precision and subtlety, has carved its niche in the whisky realm. Japan, in particular, has gained international acclaim for the meticulous craftsmanship of its whisky.

Japanese whisky strikes a balance between tradition and innovation, resulting in a whisky that presents delicate flavours. 

English Whisky

In the heart of England, a whisky renaissance is underway. Whisky production in England has had a welcomed resurgence, yielding whiskies that echo the land's rich history. 

English whisky reflects a broad spectrum of styles and regions, often drawing inspiration from its Scottish and Irish counterparts. The result is an exciting array of whiskies that marry innovation with tradition.

Ad Gefrin Whisky

In the midst of a global whisky journey, a distinctive chapter is unfolding within our distillery here at Ad Gefrin, located in the heart of the Northumberland countryside. 

Our whisky is at the centre of everything we do, designed to be shared and celebrated with during life's most special moments. 

Whisky Blend Tácnbora

Our whisky blend—‘Tácnbora’ is the first of our whiskies, meaning Standard Bearer in Old English. 

This name is inspired by Anglo-Saxon history, when King Edwin was preceded by a standard bearer, crowned with the shape of a goat’s head. 

The history of the Golden Age of Northumberland is echoed in the story of our Tácnbora whisky, with our logo mirroring the goat’s head once shaped on King Edwin’s staff. 

Tácnbora not only carries a historical narrative, but also encapsulates a harmonious mix of Scottish and Irish whiskies, blended together in Northumberland.

Single Malt Whisky

Our Single Malt Whisky will be our hero spirit.

The creation of our Single Malt Whisky is at the centre of everything we do here at Ad Gefrin. 

Our distillery is where our Single Malt Whisky is carefully being crafted by our team of international distillers, bringing together their expertise to create the perfect spirit for celebration. 

Our whisky combines the finest local barley from fields just a stone's throw away from the Ad Gefrin distillery, as well as using the purest water drawn from a borehole that lies beneath our distillery

Our Single Malt Whisky will be a true taste of Northumberland to be shared with our community and markets across the globe. 

Discover Ad Gefrin Whisky

The story and spirit of our whisky is one we want to share with the local and global community of whisky beginners and enthusiasts. 

Visit us and discover our distillery, the most northern distillery in England. Explore our distillery for yourself, a multi-sensory experience not to be missed. Enjoy a guided tour through our distillery, learning about our whisky making journey, from the arrival of our malt to the distillation process of our whisky. 

Our distillery tour encompasses the special story of how our whisky is crafted, as well as about our heritage and the regional inspiration behind every cask. 

Sample our whisky blend, Tácnbora, by shopping our spirits online, joining the community of whisky drinkers worldwide enjoying and celebrating life’s most precious moments with our whisky blend. 

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