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A Day In The Life of Our Distillers

22nd February 2024

Step into the world of our dedicated distillery team, and let us share more about the magic that goes into every drop of Ad Gefrin’s spirits and a glimpse into what working in a distillery is actually like.

Our Distillery 

The Ad Gefrin distillery sits in the heart of our experience, with our building created to provide a home for our spirit making, marrying the latest technologies and innovations with centuries old spirit making traditions.  Our distillery houses all of our distilling equipment, including our washbacks, made from Douglas-Fir wood and our two large copper stills manufactured and hand-beaten by the team at Forsyths of Rothes, Moray, a manufacturer renowned for providing world leading distillation equipment. The Ad Gefrin distillery uses the purest water, drawn from a borehole right beneath our feet as we stand inside the distillery. 

Meet One of Our Expert Distillers 

Craig is an integral member of our distillery team.  With 13 years of experience at Ironworks Distillery in Canada, Craig brings a wealth of expertise to the Ad Gefrin distillery team. From distilling to barrel filling, from meticulous reporting to boiler maintenance, Craig's skill set encompasses every facet of the intricate craft of spirit making. Craig has a true passion for spirit making, the history of whisky making and an excitement around the new possibilities and challenges that making the best English whisky presents. For Craig and the rest of the distillery team the days making whisky and gin are very busy, but he and the team like nothing more than relaxing on an evening in front of a roaring fire to enjoy sipping an Ad Gefrin whisky neat. 

What's it like to work in a distillery?

Much like how different individuals like to choose to enjoy their whisky, life in a distillery is very varied and often quite exhilarating. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, especially at Ad Gefrin, England’s most Northern English whisky distillery. Life in a distillery is fast paced, meaning that for our distillery team, multitasking is key. From dawn to dusk, the team acts with precision and purpose, each step inching closer to a shared goal of creating the best spirits that reflect the heritage and spirit of place of Ad Gefrin in every cask and bottle. 

Crafting spirits isn't just a job; it's a journey of passion and dedication, knowing that every bottle brings our community joy, helps to create memories, and is used to celebrate life’s most special moments.

What tasks are undertaken in a distillery?

A glimpse into distillery life reveals a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. The day starts early with cleaning and maintenance, ensuring every inch of our equipment is primed for action. The distilling process unfolds, from mashing to fermentation, as we extract the essence of our grains grown just a stone's throw away from Ad Gefrin by our trusted local farmers. Barrel filling and ageing make up the next part of the process, followed by blending and bottling. Each important stage helps to build up a complex flavour palate for each of our spirits.

Here at Ad Gefrin we welcome you in to see our distillery and the different processes that make up spirit making with our daily distillery tours. Our guided distillery tours offer visitors a glimpse into our craft, showcasing the magic behind Ad Gefrin whisky and gin

Want to know more about spirit making? Take a look at our guide on how spirits are carefully crafted

What makes being an English whisky distillery special?

Here at Ad Gefrin, Craig and the rest of our distillery team embrace the opportunities and freedom that English whisky production provides, taking on new challenges, creating new tastes and aromas with our spirits, whilst always adopting new and innovative technologies and taking on new skills in the process. 

The English distillery scene heralds an exciting era, with Ad Gefrin proudly ranking among the top producers in the country. Above all, it's the camaraderie of the team that sets Ad Gefrin apart, each member inspired and driven by a shared vision of excellence.

How can I enjoy Ad Gefrin spirits?

Step into the world of Ad Gefrin spirits and treat yourself to a bottle or two of our spirits, bottling up centuries old spirit making traditions, the new and innovative techniques used by our distillery team, with the tastes of the Northumberland landscape. You can shop our range of spirits online or on site in our gift shop, including our Thirlings Dry Gin, Tácnbora whisky blend and Flýte Whisky Cream Liqueur

Whether you're picking out a bottle for yourself or shopping for a special gift for a loved one, each purchase is a nod to the rich heritage and hospitality of Northumberland’s golden age and the art of distillation

Visit the Ad Gefrin Distillery

For Craig and the Ad Gefrin distillery team, crafting spirits like our English single malt whisky isn't just a profession; it's a labour of love. Fueled by passion, our team pours heart and soul into every bottle, inviting you to savour the spirit of Northumberland with every sip. Join us on this journey, where tradition meets innovation, and every day is a celebration of the art of distillation by booking tickets to experience our on site distillery for yourself, and secure your place on one of our guided distillery tours

Want to enjoy the spirits of Ad Gefrin from the comfort of your own home? Shop our range of spirits online

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