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A Beginners Guide To English Whisky

6th April 2023

When it comes to whisky, world-renowned Scottish whisky comes to many people's minds. However, the world of whisky is not limited to Scotland alone. England, too, has its own flourishing whisky scene, and one distillery that stands out in this growing landscape is our distillery here at Ad Gefrin.

In this beginner's guide, we'll take you on a journey through the enchanting realm of English whisky, including a focus on the captivating offerings and special story of our distillery and whisky.

What is English whisky?

English whisky is an exciting and rapidly growing category within the world of spirits.

English whisky is distilled and produced in England, and its distinct character is a result of using locally sourced ingredients, such as barley and water, that impart unique flavours.

How is English whisky made?

English whisky production starts by mixing malted barley in a mash bill. The spirit is then distilled to a maximum of 94.8% alcohol content and aged in casks for at least three years, though some distilleries may age it longer. The type of casks and the local ingredients used give the whisky its unique taste that reflects the region's characteristics.

Where is English whisky made?

English whisky is made in distilleries located throughout England. 

While Scotland is more commonly associated with whisky production, England has seen a revival in recent years, with several distilleries emerging across the country. 

These distilleries can be found in various regions of England, each contributing to the growing reputation and diversity of English whisky. From the picturesque Northumberland countryside that our distillery here at Ad Gefrin calls home, to bustling urban areas, English whisky is crafted with passion and dedication in different locations, offering whisky enthusiasts a delightful array of flavours and experiences to explore.

How should you drink English whisky?

To enjoy English whisky, use a tulip-shaped glass, taste it neat first, and sip slowly to savour the flavours. Smell the whisky before sipping to identify the aromas. 

When it comes to whisky drinking there are no set rules, so enjoy it at your preferred temperature and take your time to appreciate the craftsmanship and unique flavours.

What are the different types of Ad Gefrin whisky? 

Our whiskies are designed to be shared with others, bringing people together for the moments that matter. 

Ad Gefrin whiskies share the story, warm hospitality and tastes of Northumberland with the local community, visitors, and whisky enthusiasts from around the world. 


Our Tácnbora is a whisky blend, intricately weaving together Scottish and Irish whisky, paying homage to the diverse cultures that formed the fabric of the Anglo-Saxon Northumbrians. Blended in Northumberland, our Tácnbora encompasses a wide range of inspirations and flavours. 

We have chosen the name ‘Tácnbora’, an Old English term signifying "Standard Bearer", a title that aptly captures the essence of this exceptional blend, leading the way for all others. This name draws inspiration from the historical accounts of Bede, who chronicled the 7th century practice of King Edwin being accompanied by a standard bearer carrying a staff crowned with a goat’s head – a distinctive shape that now takes centre stage on our logo.

Single Malt 

Our Single Malt will be our hero spirit, embodying the essence of our brand, a product currently being crafted in our distillery, that will make its mark across global markets.

The path to crafting the perfect English whisky has been nothing short of extraordinary.

As our stills reached Wooler, they were welcomed with heartfelt enthusiasm by the entire community. Today, they stand proudly at the core of our distillery, infusing life and character into our operations.

Where is Ad Gefrin Single Malt whisky made? 

Our Single Malt whisky is made in our distillery, nestled in the heart of the Northumberland countryside, the most Northern whisky distillery in England. 

Using traditional methods, a unique mix of the finest local barley, the purest water from a borehole that lays beneath Ad Gefrin, yeast and the highest quality wooden casks, our Single Malt whisky is created here on site. The greatest care and craftsmanship is taken to create our Single Malt whisky, in the future providing our community with one of the finest English whiskies. 

You can discover our distillery and the story of our Single Malt English whisky for yourself by visiting us and enjoying our distillery tour, a multi-sensory experience not to be missed. 

Discover Ad Gefrin Whisky 

Our whiskies are for sharing with your nearest and dearest, enjoyed at life’s most special moments. 

Discover the story of our single malt whisky that will be our hero spirit, as well as sampling our Tácnbora whisky blend, the standard bearer for Ad Gefrin

Begin your journey with whisky and explore our spirits online and discover the rich story and taste of our whisky blend, Tácnbora, for yourself.

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