English Whisky Distillery & Northumberland Visitor Attraction

Anglo-Saxon Museum and Whisky Distilleryin the heart of Northumberland



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Join us as we unfurl our world class Northumberland Anglo-Saxon Museum and English whisky distillery. Newly opened in March 2023, we celebrate and showcase the unique heritage, ancient hospitality, and contemporary crafts, arts and produce of Northumberland and have re-awakened the Northumbrian tradition for Whisky distilling that has slept for over 200 years.

We will invite visitors to step back in time to the Royal Court of the 7th century Northumbrian kings and queens to experience the ancient spirit of hospitality and belonging that inspires us.

The same landscape that shaped ancient royal hospitality and drew peoples from around the world, today gives us the finest malting barley and the purest Cheviot water with which we create our Single Malt Whisky.

In embracing all that the Golden Age stood for in terms of connectedness, cultural exchange and hospitality, Ad Gefrin will have a timeless welcome, will bring people together, and instils a sense of belonging and hope.

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